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Leavenworth Tours

Explore Leavenworth from Seattle

Discover the charm of Bavaria in the Cascades on this full-day trip. Leavenworth is a small, beautifully designed, old world Alpine/Bavarian-style village. If you envision a small town, somewhere in Germany, nestled in a narrow valley and surrounded by snow-covered mountains, Leavenworth could be that very place.Enjoy the beauty of Stevens Pass, Sleigh rides and wine tasting.Our picturesque village offers a taste of Bavaria with delightful specialty shops, eclectic dining, spas and welcoming accommodations. Welcome to our slice of Northwest hospitality and Bavarian charm!

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Mt Rainier

Explore Mt Rainier

Discover the rugged beauty of the Mt Rainier National Park on this full-day trip. Travel aboard a comfortable van through historic Gold Rush towns to reach the park, where you’ll be amazed by supersized natural wonders.Take a hike among ancient sequoia trees, and enjoy several hours to explore the park’s wonders on your own as well as with the guide.

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Mt Saint Helen

Explore Mt St Helen from Seattle

It was once a premier camping destination, with a Mt. Fuji-like cone and pristine forest. The 8,365-foot-high mountain, formerly 9,665 feet high, is one of a string of volcanic Cascade Range peaks.<br /> Experience the history and stories of Mount Saint Helens eruption in 1980. With an up-close look at the volcano and its geology, you will learn interesting facts about the past and present in a scenic natural wonder.<br /> This trip will have a maximum of 12 people